Termite Infestation

Elite Pest Solutions is the premier termite exterminator in the Greenwood, SC area. Our termite extermination professionals will complete a full inspection of your home and find out where the termites are causing problems. Elite Pest Solutions will measure the square footage of the contaminated area and provide you with a free estimate of cost and solutions to take care of your termite infestation. Termites can become a major problem if not properly treated and exterminated. Termites are insects that feed and burrow in wood and will require a professional for removal.

What is a CL-100?

A termite infestation report, CL-100 report, or otherwise known as a wood infestation report, (WIR), will give you a great insight into a homes condition before purchase. Our experts at Elite Pest Solutions will provide you with a CL-100 report that can tell you if there are termites and the best possible solutions for removal. A CL-100 report will greatly benefit a new home buyer because it will give insight on if there are termites and how much damage they have caused. We highly recommend getting a CL-100 report before purchasing or remodeling a home so you will know exactly how much damage termites have caused.



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