Fire Ant Control

Elite Pest Solutions provides the premier fire ant control to homes all around the Greenwood, SC area. We are all aware that fire ants can cause many problems here in South Carolina, especially around children. Our team of fire ant control specialists can help you remove all unwanted fire ants from your property. We use non-toxic fire ant repellent that will get rid of your fire ant problem year round.

Eliminating Fire Ant Mounds

No one likes seeing fire ants and fire ants can be a big and potentially dangers problem to your yard. Fire ant mounds will create dead spots in your lawn and diminish the beauty of your property. Not only do they destroy your yard can be also be very dangerous to kids and pets, and in some cases can cause you to have to visit the emergency room. Call Elite Pest Solutions today for your estimate on treating your yard and keeping it fire ant free all season long!



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