Elite Pest Solutions is the premier moisture encapsulations specialist in the Greenwood, SC area. Sometimes a simple moisture barrier can no longer solve a moisture problem, that is when we need to take the next step and preform an encapsulation in the crawlspace. Encapsulation is when the entire crawlspace is sealed as close as possible to 100% and a dehumidifier is installed to condition the crawlspace and correct the moisture issue.

What You Can Expect From Your Moisture Encapsulation

When we install a moisture encapsulation the goal is to seal the crawlspace of your home from all moisture.This will help prevent mold and putrid odors that come from the crawlspace due to moisture. Moisture encapsulations will also help prevent soft and separating floors and keep out moisture loving insects and pests. Dehumidifiers will remove all moisture vapor from the crawl space and help keep all organic material intact longer. Dehumidifiers are a tremendous asset to homes with moisture encapsulations because they help keep dampness and humidity in check and prevent mold and mildew.



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