Moisture Barrier

Elite Pest Solutions is the premier moisture barrier installation specialist in the Greenwood, SC area. Our professionals will make a thorough inspection of your home to find out where the moisture is coming from and if a moisture barrier is necessary. Often times homes are not properly sealed from the ground or there is air getting into the crawl space. This will allow rain and morning dew to create moisture under your home.

What To Expect From Your Moisture Barrier Installation

By being proactive and simple installing a moisture barrier in your crawlspace you could save yourself a lot of headache and money in the future. We start by removing all unnecessary debris from the crawlspace, then we install a 10 mil moisture barrier in the crawlspace as close as possible to 100% and secure it to the ground with 5" spikes. While the standard moisture barrier in only 6 mil, we have went above and beyond by using a 10 mil moisture barrier to ensure your crawl space will stay dry. We also use state of the art de-humidifiers that will help remove the moisture from under your home. De-humidifiers can be a great asset to your home because it will help create a dry environment under your home that will repel pests such as termites and cockroaches.



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